Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cheryl Cherian

One day a short creature (about the size of an average pinky) named She Roll Cherry Inn came across a magical rock. She had seen this type of rock before in books that her mother had read to her. She knew it contained a powerful magic that would allow her to fly. Everyone in her country of Ibeleeveyecanfli could fly except for her. She did not have confidence to fly nor did her mass allow her to fly. All this suddenly hit her and she realized that she would never have the ability to fly. Little did she know a magical Hobo Wizard was watching her all this while. He jumped out of a bush and landed on her ear, both fell at impact. The Hobo Wizard named Kilamanandajaroh quickly jumped to his feet and declared that he was stalking She Roll Cherry Inn. She Roll Cherry Inn was not frightened the least bit because she was quite creepy like that. Kilamanandjaroh began to tell her about an ancient city called Weain'teviljustmisunderstoodville. He told her that if she took the magical rock to the ancient city of Weain'teviljustmisunderstoodville they would give her the power to fly. So she started on her journey at once, unfortunately she tripped over a leaf and fell off of a cliff. She came to in an hour and found her self surrounded by oddly shaped people in Batman masks. On of the elders in the group took off his mask and announce to She Roll Cherry Inn that she had reached Weain'teviljustmisunderstoodville. She Roll Cherry Inn was so excited the she began to jump around violently. The Natives were afraid of this insane force so they locked her up in the dungeons. She Roll Cherry Inn pleaded for mercy as they chained her to the floor. Later that day a few men from police force of Weain'teviljustmisunderstoodville came to interrogate her. She finally was able to tell them the whole story. They happily led her out and to their master (who also happened to be wearing a Batman mask. He gave her the power to fly and then kicked her out of his city. She quickly flew back to her own city of Ibeleeveyecanfli. By the time she returned back she realized her whole tribe had died. She became outraged and began to conquer the world to get revenge of her city's downfall. Unfortunately she died halfway through sacking Iceland.

Moral: Never mess with a tubby, flying short creature.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sohini Lahiri

Well there once was a litle girl named So-Hiney who lived in a castle in a town called Flapjacks, she was deprived of friends because of her name, everybody made fun of it. Whenever she would pass by anyone they would laugh at her and then proceed to calling her the one name that she despised, her own name, So-Hiney! It made her furious so one day after coming home from school, or should I say crying home from school she told her mom she was leaving the castle, it was no place for her kind. She was going to to join the Dark Fuzzy Fotressed Knights not only did not care about names but killed anyone that made fun of them. She left only with a weeks amount of food and arrived at their Fotress 3 days later. They took her in and trained her rigorously day after day to become a Fuzzy Knight. Her training required her to bathe in printer ink, eat annoying boy bands, and fend off wierd psychic monks. Soon she became a master in the art of Fuzziness and she was chosen to attack her home town because the Dark Fuzzy Fortressed Knights needed that land to create an art gallery to show off all their masterpieces. Soon she realized what "Dark" really meant and she refused to take over her home town. The Fuzzy Fortressed Knights were scared that anyone would ever refuse. They became so scared of So-Hiney that they ran away never to be seen again and So-Hiney. She returned to her home town after changing her name to Titir Cheesenheimer. The townspeople thanked her and then locked her in the dungeon for ever being recruited by the Dark Fuzzy Fortressed Knights.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ronit Dastidar

Ronit was a town boy in a place I do not know of. He worked for an old senial man as a busboy. As he was washing the dishes one day ne noticed that the dirt on one of the dishes signified the year of the dragon, which in his country meant there was going to be an attack on thier town by the tribe of Mac n Cheese. He knew his people feared that tribe very much so he told the leader of the tribe and they began to prepare. Each family in the town had to donate all of their forks, knives, spoons and other eating utencils and each family had to give up 1 and half members of their family to be in the war. Ronit was to be the leader of this army. When the day came he led them down the mountain of Pouridge to face their doom. At that second he realized he was wrong there was no Mac n Cheese tribe. The dirt on the dish did not signify the year of the dragon becuase the nose was too big. So he went back to the town library after being pelted with potatoes and found that the sign he had seen meant that it was his mothers birthday.

Cece Chatt

There once was a banana name Cece she lived on the coast of Atarctica. Everyday she would go and get water from the Indian ocean to feed her family, even though she had no family. She would pretend to have a family because she was lonely. One day she saw a big ship and thought, maybe those people will ove me for my greenness so when it came close enoguh she jumped on and started dancing so people would like her. Everybody hated her, in fact when she danced in front of the captain he wasn't able to see and he crashed the ship into an iceburg. Everybody died except for Cece because she was very fat and she was able to use her mass against the water to paddle back to Antarctica. She was so sad that the people didn't like that she began to get agry and that angr turned to more anger and that more anger turned to hungry and she ate everything in the world.

That is why nobody ever saw a dinosaur.