Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cece Chatt

There once was a banana name Cece she lived on the coast of Atarctica. Everyday she would go and get water from the Indian ocean to feed her family, even though she had no family. She would pretend to have a family because she was lonely. One day she saw a big ship and thought, maybe those people will ove me for my greenness so when it came close enoguh she jumped on and started dancing so people would like her. Everybody hated her, in fact when she danced in front of the captain he wasn't able to see and he crashed the ship into an iceburg. Everybody died except for Cece because she was very fat and she was able to use her mass against the water to paddle back to Antarctica. She was so sad that the people didn't like that she began to get agry and that angr turned to more anger and that more anger turned to hungry and she ate everything in the world.

That is why nobody ever saw a dinosaur.


Anonymous said...

I am not fat

kndmaster said...

Sure your'e not.

Lahiri said...

Cece is not at!
maybe tubby....... BUT NOT FAT!

kndmaster said...

I concur with Titir.

Im sure Cece is not "at"!

kndmaster said...

Hi Cece