Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ronit Dastidar

Ronit was a town boy in a place I do not know of. He worked for an old senial man as a busboy. As he was washing the dishes one day ne noticed that the dirt on one of the dishes signified the year of the dragon, which in his country meant there was going to be an attack on thier town by the tribe of Mac n Cheese. He knew his people feared that tribe very much so he told the leader of the tribe and they began to prepare. Each family in the town had to donate all of their forks, knives, spoons and other eating utencils and each family had to give up 1 and half members of their family to be in the war. Ronit was to be the leader of this army. When the day came he led them down the mountain of Pouridge to face their doom. At that second he realized he was wrong there was no Mac n Cheese tribe. The dirt on the dish did not signify the year of the dragon becuase the nose was too big. So he went back to the town library after being pelted with potatoes and found that the sign he had seen meant that it was his mothers birthday.

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