Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sohini Lahiri

Well there once was a litle girl named So-Hiney who lived in a castle in a town called Flapjacks, she was deprived of friends because of her name, everybody made fun of it. Whenever she would pass by anyone they would laugh at her and then proceed to calling her the one name that she despised, her own name, So-Hiney! It made her furious so one day after coming home from school, or should I say crying home from school she told her mom she was leaving the castle, it was no place for her kind. She was going to to join the Dark Fuzzy Fotressed Knights not only did not care about names but killed anyone that made fun of them. She left only with a weeks amount of food and arrived at their Fotress 3 days later. They took her in and trained her rigorously day after day to become a Fuzzy Knight. Her training required her to bathe in printer ink, eat annoying boy bands, and fend off wierd psychic monks. Soon she became a master in the art of Fuzziness and she was chosen to attack her home town because the Dark Fuzzy Fortressed Knights needed that land to create an art gallery to show off all their masterpieces. Soon she realized what "Dark" really meant and she refused to take over her home town. The Fuzzy Fortressed Knights were scared that anyone would ever refuse. They became so scared of So-Hiney that they ran away never to be seen again and So-Hiney. She returned to her home town after changing her name to Titir Cheesenheimer. The townspeople thanked her and then locked her in the dungeon for ever being recruited by the Dark Fuzzy Fortressed Knights.


Sohini said...

Trisha? This is Sohini. I just want to say.. i will kill you next time i see you

kndmaster said...

Well yo didn't, by the way I'm at your house right now typing this comment...just to let you know!

prinklahiri said...

Haha, I actually get the story now!!!